Once you submit your registration form, the event organizers will review your submission and place you in the appropriate group.  If this is different from the group you have selected, you will be notified before payment is requested.  Once approved you will be sent an invoice to pay, which will secure your place in the event you have chosen.  We thank you for choosing us to go wheeling with and we look forward to seeing you out there on the trails.  

5390 Samet Drive

High Point, NC 27265

(336) 841-LIFT

(336) 471-0188

Upon acceptance to the event, you will added to a Facebook group where all event details will be shared.


ONLY JL Jeep Wranglers (2018+) are allowed to attend Expedition JL events.  Be aware that other vehicles in attendance my be other than this as sponsors, media, etc.  

Expedition JL organizers reserve the right to refuse entry to an event if it is found that any vehicle does not meet the minimum standards set forth.  This is for safety reasons as well as how smoothly the event is able to run by making sure that all vehicles are capable of completing the event.  If a vehicle is refused entry to the event based on the participants failure to meet the standards, the participant will forfeit the entry fee and any other money paid to attend the event.

Some parks have fees have that are charged for land use.  In most cases, these fees are covered as part of the event entry fee.  Read each event description carefully to determine if the event you have chosen may have additional fees associated with it.  While rare, this does happen and it is the responsibility of the participant to be aware.

Prior to your arrival at any Expedition JL event, please make sure that you have completed any and all required paperwork.  This will include the event waiver as well as any additional waivers, etc. that may be required by event location hosts.  Having this paperwork completed prior to the event ensures that we can get on the trails and wheeling earlier and have more time in the day to enjoy the outdoors.


You may cancel your registration for any Expedition JL event up to 10 days prior to the event.  All cancellations made before this time will incur a 10% cancellation fee.  Any cancellations after this time will result in a 50% cancellation fee.