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LED Lighting Conversions and Installations

Why LED instead of Halogen or HID?

LED headlights produce a much brighter and whiter light than traditional halogen bulbs and even HID or Xenon bulbs.  This provides better clarity and higher definition of the road and other objects while driving at night.  They also last far longer than any other bulb type and can offer years of trouble free service.  This makes LED a   safer, no hassle option for your vehicle’s lighting needs. 

Why our LED lights vs the “other guys”?

· We feature LED Designs® lighting from right here in the Triad

· Our LED Headlamps are fan cooled for longer life.

· Our headlamp fans are Sunco™ and our LEDs are Cree®, the best in       the industry.

· We offer a 1 year “No questions asked” warranty on all our LED lights.

· Our lights are installed by trained technicians with years of experience.